Vegan Collagen

Vegan Collagyn

A plant based daily nutrition formula

Collagyn is an innovative proprietary blend of collagen specific amino acids, collagen protective botanicals, skin supportive nutrients and plant proteins. It is formulated to match the amino acid profile of bovine collagen and deliver the full spectrum of amino acids required for cellular collagen production.

Supporting and protecting collagen is vital for all skin renewal and anti-ageing rituals. Collagyn is designed to build and enhance the body's natural collagen which diminishes as we age.

Available in three great flavours, each with a unique and impressive list of health benefits for optimal daily wellbeing:

NAKED COLLAGYN® for the body designed to support collagen formation, energy, metabolism, muscle tone, liver function and immune support plus glucosamine sulphate for busy and active lifestyles.

INSPIRED COLLAGYN® for the brain designed to support collagen formation, mind, mood, focus and stress resilience with Ayurvedic spices and adaptogenic ashwagandha for mindful wellbeing.

RADIANT COLLAGYN® for beauty designed to support collagen formation, skin function and help neutralise cellular oxidative stress with haskap, rosehip, raspberry and beetroot for youthful glow.

Collagyn is the first UK supplement range to provide not three but five collagen specific amino acids for vegan and fermented sources with generous amounts of skin nutrients vitamin C and iodine alongside vitamin D3 and choline, two essential vegan nutrients that are often lacking in a plant-based diet.

Each 10g serving of our advanced nutrition Collagyn collection provides:

  • 1000mg L-glycine, 500mg L-proline, 500mg L-hydroxyproline, 350mg L-alanine and 250mg L-arginine fromvegan and fermented sources.

  • 225mg buffered vitamin C to support collagen synthesis

  • 150mcg iodine from wild harvested Hebridean seaweed

  • 85 mg choline from naturally fermented source

  • 40mcg/1000IU vitamin D3 from natural algae source

  • White tea and hawthorn extracts, rich in protective flavanols and polyphenols

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