Mobility & Recovery

Vital proteins for cellular energy production, muscle function and optimal body conditioning

High level performance training, whether it is long distance running or weightlifting, requires a focus on nutrition and wider health.   Healthy connective tissue is essential for sports performance and injury recovery.   Early data looks very promising that supplementation of collagen is of benefit in supporting connective tissue function and supports may increase muscle mass – see FAQs below for studies.  

Many people will want to train fasted in the morning but may struggle to optimise their energy levels to achieve their best performance.Our Coffee + Collagen with a dose of True MCT oil will give you readily available energy with the benefits of the caffeine improving endurance and alertness.

The anti-inflammatory properties of our Cacao + Collagen blend is an excellent way to recover from training with the benefit of anti-inflammatory foods having the potential to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). 

MCT added into your morning brew can also help fuel workouts, find energy reserves and supports the body’s ability to burn fat for fuel and boost metabolism.  To offset the impact on joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments generated during intense gym sessions try Naked Collagyn with added glucosamine and MSM.  Build lean muscle and focus on endurance and performance with key nutrition for active lifestyles.

Our products to support body conditioning & performance

True Collagen Powder

From: €32,40

True MCT Oil

From: €34,20

Naked Collagyn for Body

From: €41,40

Coffee + Collagen

From: €26,10

Coffee Body Bundle

From: €82,40

"Ancient + Brave has become a daily ritual that has been a game changer. We love it."

Richie Norton
Strength Temple

True Collagen

  • Highly absorbable, odourless and tasteless type 1 collagen peptides.
  • Key nutrient involved in cellular collagen renewal and formation.
  • An essential nutrient foCollagen comprises 90% of our connective tissues.
  • Nourishes whilst building and maintaining ligaments, bones and tendons.

True MCT oil

  • Clean balanced blend of 60% C8 and 40% C10
  • Contributes towards satiety and feeling fuller for longer.
  • Popular nootropic support as a source of fuel for brain cells.
  • Add to your favourite blend for the ultimate bullet experience.
  • Energy source to help power through your workout.

Naked Collagyn for body

  • Rich in prebiotic fibre and an excellent source of protein for muscle maintenance.
  • Supports metabolism, immune function, body conditioning, keto and fasting.
  • With MCT, MSM and glucosamine for sporty and active lifestyles.  
  • Neutral taste – perfect on its own or add to the smoothie of your choice. 



Studies show that 16-hour fasts create a 1,300% increase in human growth hormone secretion in women, and an astounding 2,000% increase in men! This statistic alone is a definitive reason to drop what you’re doing and incorporate intermittent fasting into your lifestyle immediately. HGH, commonly known as your fitness hormone, plays a huge role in your health, fitness and longevity. It actively promotes muscle growth and even further boosts fat loss by increasing your metabolism. The fact that it simultaneously aids in muscle building and fat loss explains how HGH can help you get lean and lose weight without sacrificing the beneficial muscle mass you’ve worked so hard for. Many bodybuilders are now incorporating fasting into their training cycles in order to build bigger muscles.


True MCT is a key part of the Brave Method as it contains special fats that cells can readily burn and convert into energy and ketones. Providing the body, muscles and brain with an energy supply during fasting which helps contribute to curb hunger, sustain alertness, energy, mindset and physical performance.


supplementation of collagen is of benefit in supporting connective tissue function and supports may increase muscle mass.

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