Ancestral Nutrition

Ancestral Nutrition for Modern Life

Return to your roots

Our ancestors laid out the blueprint for a healthy lifestyle; eat a diverse diet of real foods, move often, spend time in nature + sunlight, and give our bodies and mind time to reset. They held an intuitive understanding of how to use food and plants as medicine and this wisdom still holds true today.

Our bodies and brains remain biologically adapted to living life this way, and yet our modern world can pose some challenges.  When we drift away from our ancestors' time-tested plan, we’re left with a mismatch between our genes and our environment. Tapping into our ancestral code can help us correct the imbalance and return to a way of eating and living that more closely matches what our biology is designed to do. Create wellness.

Our products are designed to work synergistically as nature intended and support ancient mechanisms in cutting edge protocols;

Fasting is a simple way of mimicking our ancestors. Flipping the switch from a fed to fasting state may improve your metabolic function, brain health and slow down the effects of ageing. Our products are designed to support your fasting protocol providing sustenance and nourishment during your eating windows.

Keto is an adapted diet that taps into a metabolic state critical to human evolution and survival, using fat for fuel. Ensuring you have the highest quality MCTs to sustain your energy is key.

Paleo and Ancestral Diets provide a way to eat close to nature with pure, wholesome ingredients. We expertly source functional ingredients such as pure collagen + healthful botanicals close to nature without any unnecessary fillers or additives.

Products to support ancestral nutrition

True MCT Oil

From: €34,20

True Collagen Powder

From: €32,40

Wild Collagen

From: €36,00

Cacao + Collagen

From: €26,10

Coffee + Collagen

From: €26,10

"Fuelled by the delicious Cacao + Collagen and True MCT oil intermittent fasting was a doddle."

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True MCT oil

  • Clean balanced blend of 60% C8 and 40% C10
  • Popular nootropic support as a source of fuel for brain cells.
  • Energy source to help power through your day.
  • Add to your favourite blend for the ultimate bullet experience.

True Collagen

  • Clinically researched, Type 1, hydrolysed collagen peptides.
  • Key nutrient involved in cellular collagen renewal and formation.
  • Excellent source of protein to support muscle mass and body conditioning.
  • Nutritional sustenance to support fasting strategies.

Coffee + Collagen

  • Natural nootropics to help increase your alertness and improve concentration.
  • Adaptogenic ashwagandha known for its benefits in reducing stress.
  • Excellent source of protein to help sustain your fasting window and keep you satiated throughout the day.
  • Nutrients for balanced mood and mindset.
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