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Ritual Jar

Make Ancient + Brave part of your kitchen aesthetic as well as your daily ritual with our new biophotonic glass storage jar. Designed to store your Ancient + Brave powders in style, helping to keep them fresher for longer. 

The Ritual Jar acts as a barrier to prevent the loss of the bioenergetic value of the product being stored.  Biophotonic glass has unique properties to protect natural products from the harmful, degrading effects of sunlight.

It cleverly filters out the damaging UV and infrared rays, which means that your product inside is preserved and helps maintain its nutritional value, taste, colour and aroma for longer. The Ritual Jar can be used to hold absolutely anything that would benefit from its protective glass. 

The Ritual Jar is made without the use of solvents or adhesives. The biodegradable foil is baked onto the jar in a natural process. Please wash gently with cold water. Not dishwasher safe. Capacity 1 litre. 

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Preserve the taste, smell, colour and bioenergy of your favourite wellness product. 

Protect natural products from the harmful effects of sunlight to maximise their quality and preserve their lifespan. 

The violet colour of the glass is believed to denote harmony and wisdom and is the colour of the crown chakra. 

By using sustainable materials, we are minimising the impact on our planet.





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